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2021 High School Lacrosse Season: April 19th - June 19th

The Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association (WHSBLA, a Washington State Non-Profit) and the Washington Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association (WSLA, a Washington State Non-Profit) in alignment with the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA, a Washington State Non-Profit) have adjusted their 2021 high school lacrosse seasons to April 19th, 2021 through June 19th, 2021. Different conferences and regions have slightly different start dates, but all fall within the above timeframe.


These new dates are also consistent with the Oregon High School Lacrosse Association (OHSLA) and the Oregon School Activities Association (OSAA):


This schedule change will keep Boys & Girls Lacrosse in the same high school sports season as Baseball, Fastpitch Softball, Boys Soccer, Tennis, Golf and Track & Field. This decision was made in consultation with high school athletic directors from around the state, as well as WIAA executive staff. By keeping lacrosse in the same season with all of its usual "sports season neighbors" (i.e. Baseball, Boys Soccer, Track & Field, etc.) it makes it easier for athletic departments, athletic directors and city field schedulers to keep a consistent field schedule. It also avoids a direct conflict with boys lacrosse players who also play high school football (WIAA Season 3: March 1st - April 26th) and girls lacrosse players who also play high school soccer (WIAA Season 3: March 1st - April 26th).

Although playing back-to-back seasons for any of these crossover athletes is not ideal (i.e. girls soccer straight into girls lacrosse, or football straight into boys lacrosse), it is the only schedule that would work, with the least amount of impact. The fall season (WIAA Season 1: September 7th - November 1st) was not an option/allowed, the winter season (WIAA Season 2: January 4th - March 1st) is too cold and wet for an outdoor/field sport, most grass fields are closed, and the early spring season (WIAA Season 3: March 1st - April 26th) would put us in direct conflict with football, girls soccer and volleyball. Given the need for all sports organizations to be flexible due to the pandemic, this was the most logistically viable option. The ultimate goal is to give every athlete and each specific sport a season in 2021.