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Bainbridge vs. Seattle Prep - Game Recap

The Bainbridge Spartans (6-4) battle through rain and thunder in a 9-8 overtime victory over rival Seattle Prep Panthers (5-5) on Friday night at Woodland Park.

This game was spent tied for nearly 30 minutes of actual game time as these two were prime competition for each other. Seattle Prep won the first half 6-5 and nearly won the game if it wasn’t for a no-goal call on a final scoring play in the fourth quarter. The Spartans would ultimately walk away with this one a couple minutes into overtime to end regular season.

Bainbridge senior attackman Max Oden led his team with three goals and two assists in their win against the Panthers. He ends his final regular season game with the Spartans with 18 goals and the most assists on his team with 15. Sophomore attackman Merritt McMahon got a single goal in this game and ends his season with a team high of 22 goals.

The Panthers three, junior attackman Brennan Holmes (17g, 26a), junior attackman Sergei Jacobs (25g, 14a) and freshman attackman Lucas Wathen (25g, 7a) came together with five goals and five assists on the night. Together these three made up nearly 65% of their conference goals this season, Panthers will be pumped to have these three back next year as they head into the playoffs.

This was easily one of the best games to watch all season with two strong Metro teams duking it out in the midst of thunderstorms and dramatically timed rain to send it into an edge of your seat overtime match.

The game was off to a great start as both teams were demonstrating patience on both sides of the ball scoring three goals a piece in the first quarter. Both teams would trade a pair of goals in the second quarter leaving it still tied 5-5 halfway in.

Bainbridge had an opportunity to reclaim the lead on an extra man play but Panther senior goalie Bennett Lingg was impossible to get by saving 5-of-7 shots on goal in the quarter. Sergei capitalized on that with an athletic juke and step for a shot coming out on top of the first half 6-5.

The Spartan’s coaching staff was livid with their player’s performance as they were very noticeably screaming at them on the field throughout the first half carrying into halftime. Their little pep talk lit a fire under them as the Spartan’s came out with a huge burst of energy. With a couple prime feeds and quick sticks they put themselves back in the lead 7-6 only to watch the Panthers tie it back up on a tough shot from the dirt to end yet another quarter in a tie.

Seattle Prep had been utilizing a key weapon to clear the ball efficiently all game. Senior midfielder Jack Heflin played the running back position for his football team and for his lacrosse team he plays a similar position. Once the Panther’s turned over the ball they would feed it to Heflin who would fast break to the cage for the clear and it was working for them all night.

Things were getting dramatic at Woodland Park when a downpour of rain signaled the start of the final quarter for dramatic effect. Didn’t open up well for Bainbridge when one of their top players, senior defenseman Lucas Pedersen, pulled two penalties giving the Panthers an advantageous opportunity. The Spartans were able to turn the ball over quickly and call a time-out in order to maintain their momentum and get the field even.

Bainbridge grabbed the lead after a few minutes into the quarter as it was looking like they might run home with this one. The Panthers were getting a little winded and shooting a few wide shots before the Spartans called their final timeout with five minutes remaining. Their hope might have been to burn the clock out but Wathen came in with an insane under-handed behind the back shot to tie it back up.

The Spartans were pressing hard to get their lead back and win this game but the Panthers have Heflin who was repeatedly clearing the ball with his feet. Before the quarter ended, it appeared that the Panthers would have the game after a diving shot from Wathen only to have the goal taken away due to the officials calling him inside the crease, this game wouldn’t have lived up to it’s character if it didn’t go into overtime.

As exciting as the rest of the game was, the overtime quarter was relatively short and underwhelming as the Spartans held possession of the ball throughout up until freshman midfielder Avery Porter sunk the game winning goal after a couple minutes, 9-8 Final OT Spartans.

“We were just looking to polish up for playoffs, try to work on things that are going to prepare us for playoffs.” Bainbridge offensive coordinator Jacob Hayashi said. “We’ve got a lot of fine tuning to do, some sloppy work but I think we’re right there and if we come to play I think we have a nice shot this year.”

Seattle Prep finishes regular season 5-5 after a handful of close games this season their record really doesn’t reflect the amount of skill this team has brought to every game. Bainbridge finishes their season with a nice 6-4 winning record as they are eager to get into the playoffs.

Story by Michael Thornbloom.