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Woodinville vs Mercer Island - Game Recap

The Mercer Island Islanders defeat the Woodinville Falcons 15-8 despite benching the majority of their varsity team on Friday night at Mercer Island High School. Story by Michael Thornbloom.

Islander senior attackman Glen Mahony (8g, 2a) was the real star in this game bringing a fast 3-0 lead in the first quarter. Woodinville attempted to keep pace but were unable to find an answer for Mahony who put up five goals to close the half 6-3. The third quarter really got away from the Falcons when the Islanders went on an 8-goal tear, creating a lead that was too much for Woodinville to come back from.

Rough start to the season for the Falcons who came two goals away from being in the the championship last year. Mercer Island has a very good JV squad they were able to lean on while varsity watched from the bleachers, but the Falcons didn’t do themselves any favors by piling on nine penalties throughout the game. Penalties, unforced turnovers and mental mis-cues comprised their performance against Mercer Island, but be sure that Head Coach Pete Crowley will get these boys back where they need to be this year.

Islander Head Coach Ian O’Hearn did not provide any specifics as to why the varsity team sat out in their season opener, but stated that it had to do with an athletic code violation by a majority of the team. He was clear that the Islanders hold their players to extremely high standards throughout the year, and talent alone won’t save them from missing games if they break the rules. “The coaching staff and the athletic department came up with a fair penalty, which was three games, and this was their last game.” said O’Hearn.

“We had three varsity guys (all seniors) and we called up fourteen JV guys, and they performed great! They did everything that they needed to do, and we’re really proud of them.” These JV boys were firing on all cylinders against the varsity Woodinville team, making the benching of Mercer Islands varsity players not go in vain.

The Islanders move to 1-0 as they look to host the Issaquah Eagles (0-1) next Tuesday night. Woodinville takes their first loss putting them 0-1 and their schedule is not getting any easier as they’ll head to Eastlake (1-0) to face the 4A State Champs in a much anticipated grudge match of redemption.

Story by Michael Thornbloom