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"WA Love" - Play For A Cause - October 27th & 28th, 2018

The Washington Lacrosse Foundation is pleased to announce our 6th Annual "WA Love" - Play for a Cause Jamboree on Oct 27th and 28th. Each year the WA Love Jamboree organizers select a family or cause within our Washington lacrosse community to benefit. This year, we have picked Garrett Arendse’s family.

"On Saturday March 31, 2018 SVF had just won their game which was instrumental in advancing them on to win the state championship. This was the last game my son Garrett played. Later that evening, he joined some friends and as the evening progressed he arranged to get a Percocet which turned out to be pure fentanyl. Garrett never woke up after that. I received a phone call on Easter Sunday, April 1st, that something had happened to my son. It wasn't until 2 hours later a police officer came to my work and told me Garrett was deceased. As the days, weeks and months have passed by, our family, friends, community members have prayed and supported and strengthened each other through this tragedy. This is not what Garrett would have wanted for any of us. My personal determination is to prevent this from happening ever again; however, there is much work to do. As I said at Garrett's service, primarily to the teenagers present, 'This is the time to start taking better care of each other. Help each other to resist the temptation of altering your state of mind'. With the opiate crisis staring at us head on, increased understanding and more awareness is needed, and that time is now." - Lori Carpenter

This spring, Garrett’s family, Burlington-Edison High School team, and the Skagit lacrosse community were impacted by his tragic accidental death due to drug overdose. Your participation in this event goes directly to support Garrett’s family and their effort to educate other parents, players, and coaches on the signs, dangers, and support resources in an effort to prevent this happening to anyone else.

Throughout the weekend, you will get a chance to meet Garrett’s mother Lori, Burlington-Edison/Skagit Valley Flyers high school players, and Flyers Head Coach, Kyler Brumbaugh. Lori has been extremely brave in embracing the conversation and working to educate others on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. This is an opportunity for us to support her in that mission. Your team fees are committed to this cause; however, if you would like to further contribute to this mission, we will be accepting donations on-site.

Program directors and administrators, please distribute this information to your coaches and parents. Coaches should have a conversation with their team(s) so players fully understand the reason for WA Love and the cause for which they are playing - Please tailor the message to your age group accordingly. - This is a great opportunity for us to live our values and teach life lessons through sport.

Coaches, parents, and players, please take time to educate yourself on the dangers, signs/symptoms, and help/educational resources:

Drug and alcohol overdoses kill at least two people per day in Washington state.
Never let someone "sleep it off."
Washington's Good Samaritan Law protects you. If you get medical help for an overdose or alcohol poisoning, you and the victim cannot be charged for drug use, possession, or underage drinking.
Learn more at www.stopoverdose.org (more resources provided below)

The 2018 schedule will be out by 10/17. Event details and schedule will be available on Tourney Machine. We’re looking forward to a great event!

Thank you,

WA Love Organizers and the Washington Lacrosse Foundation

Learn more at:

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDS) - www.drugabuse.gov
Parents. The Anti-Drug - http://www.theantidrug.com
Teen Link Seattle - http://866teenlink.org/
Hotline: (866)833-6546
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute (ADAI) Seattle, WA - http://adai.uw.edu
Ideal Option - www.idealoption.net
Hotline: (877)522-1275