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Seattle Prep vs Ballard - Game Recap

The Seattle Prep Panthers deliver a stunning performance in their 14-7 trouncing over the Ballard Beavers on Tuesday night. Story by Michael Thornbloom.

This game may have ended with a lopsided score, but it did not start out that way. It was looking pretty good for the Beavers when they ended the first quarter 3-2 over a tough Seattle Prep team. Prep came out aggressive but Ballard was clearing the ball efficiently and finding easy looks around the crease. Once the second quarter started it was looking like Ballard had complete control of this game when they got an early 60 second man-up play, but the result of this EMO ultimately reflected the result of their game, a missed opportunity.

Ballard turned over the ball a little too easy shortly after missing their man-up shot, giving Panther sophomore attackman Lucas Wathen the chance for a fast break to the goal to tie the game. This brought out a lot of passion in the Beavers to step up their game, but missed passes, wide shots and eight penalties were too much to overcome in a game this competitive. Seattle Prep continued to run up the score and keep the lead far out of reach through the rest of the game as they settled into their rhythm, but Ballard went down swinging by riding hard and even securing an impressive half time buzzer-beater goal.

Beaver senior captain midfielder Guss Simpson came out hot scoring two unassisted goals in the first quarter to bring his team to their only lead over the Panthers early in the game. Despite the loss, he ended the game with great numbers leading his team with eight shots on goal and sinking four of them in the cage.

Seattle Prep was as efficient on offense as they were on defense as they stifled the Beaver’s attempts to get the game back. Wathen ignited the momentum on his team with their third goal and ended the night with four goals and two assists. Midfielder Brennan Holmes and attackman Sergei Jacobs brought in three goals each as the ball was getting spread out all over the field. The Beavers were riding really well all game but the Panthers were passing the ball so efficiently that turnovers were hard to find.

Panthers head coach Rich Stearns wasn’t about to let up on this team with the year they had last season. The strength of Ballard’s division last year meant nothing to Stearns as his game plan was simple, stick to what they know and play aggressive.

“We knew they were going to be strong,” commented Stearns. “We know they had a really good season last year and we have a deep team so we wanted to play aggressive lacrosse everywhere.”

This was apparent in the first quarter, the Beavers looked more in control during the first 12 minutes and were riding the Panthers hard all game. Playing aggressive can be easy against a weaker team but it can be difficult to maintain control of the game as the Panthers showed early on. “I think the guys are trying to do too much.” Said Stearns. “They were trying to force the ball too much so once we settled down and we trusted our offense and passes and everything started to click.”

Click it did as the Panthers secure their first conference win of the 2018 season putting them at 1-0. Seattle Prep will play a non-league game next against Bothell on March 16th before their next conference game on March 20th against Lakeside (1-0) at Lakeside High School. The Ballard Beavers move to (0-1) as they prepare for their non-league game against Stanwood on March 17th before their next conference game at Bainbridge (1-1) on March 20th.

Story by Michael Thornbloom