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Private School State Championship - Seattle Prep vs O'Dea

The O’Dea Fighting Irish win their second title in a row after holding onto their first quarter lead against the Seattle Prep Panthers at Starfire Complex. Story by Michael Thornbloom. Photos courtesy of SoundLacrosse.com

O’Dea was the first to draw blood in the opening minutes of the game but the Panthers were keeping in stride in the first quarter tying it twice before the quarter ended at 2-2. The Irish would take the lead again coming into the second with two unanswered goals giving them a lead they wouldn’t relinquish throughout the entirety of the game. Seattle Prep would inch closer to tying the game but too many penalties and unsuccessful EMO’s would keep the Panthers from catching up to their private school rivals.

Seattle Prep was behind 7-4 coming into the final half and began to put a lot of focus on their defense creating an 11 minute drought for goals from both teams. Before the quarter ended, O’Dea senior Alden Lumpkin (2g, 1a) broke the silence with their eighth goal of the night. This brought on a Panther goal and another Irish goal making it three goals within 40 seconds but a lead of 9-5 that Seattle Prep would not be able to catch. The final quarter would see two more goals from both teams crowning the Irish as the Private School State Champions once again.

O’Dea showed some serious depth in their roster during this game with five players walking away with two goals a piece. Senior captain Dylan Vita (2g, 1a), senior captain Ben Luke (2g, 4gb), sophomore Henry Bruinicks (2g), junior Axel Aymond (2g, 1a) and Lumpkin (2g, 1a) were crucial in their team’s win. This made it very difficult for Seattle Prep to guard against as the Irish had goal scorers on every side of the field. After Vita scored his second of the night to put the lead at 5 it became clear that the Panthers were not going to be able to get themselves back in it.

With both teams having their second championship match together in a row, they are quickly asserting their dominance over the Private School Division. Panther head coach Rich Stearns and Irish head coach Drew Snider have been grooming championship caliber teams consistently for the past three seasons and there hasn’t been any signs that this will change any time soon. This will likely not be the last time we see these two face each other in the finals, unless Lakeside head coach Chris Hartley has anything to say about it, as he has quickly turned around a 2-7 team into what will likely be contenders for year’s to come. Don't rule out Eastside Catholic either, as they start to rebuild under new head coach Athan Iannucci. The Private School Division gets deeper with talent every year!

Story by Michael Thornbloom.

Photos courtesy of SoundLacrosse.com