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Northwest Invitational: Grant (OR) vs Bainbridge (WA)

The Bainbridge Spartans hold onto an early lead against visiting Oregon team the Grant Generals in their 12-9 victory on Saturday at the 2018 Northwest Invitational. Story by Michael Thornbloom.

Bainbridge opened up strong scoring four goals before Grant could get on the board. This Spartan defense led by senior goal Charlie Shrout kept a formidable Oregon team to five goals in the first three quarters of the game. By the end of the third the score was 10-5 in Bainbridge’s favor creating an unreachable gap for the Grant Generals to reach. Grant went on a four goal run in the final quarter providing a small window to get back into the game but it proved to be too little too late as Bainbridge kept up the pressure on all sides of the field bringing it to the 12-9 final score. Story by Micahel Thornbloom

Bainbridge senior midfielder Ethan Peloquin led his team in goals after securing a hat-trick by the third quarter. The Spartans were finding holes in Grant’s defense the entire game creating easy looks all around the crease. Shrout finished the game with a 60% save percentage as he continues to show great talent at the goalie position. He has really grown into this position as he’s on track to beat last season’s numbers of a 48% save percentage. Shrout will continue to prove his usefulness as this team extends their hope for a deeper playoff run.

Offensive coordinator Jacob Hayashi can see the value of playing in these invitationals for his team. “It’s a nice time to play some different teams.” said Hayashi. Coming out with a win is even more impressive, especially because the teams that come to the invitational are state playoff caliber teams in their respective states. Bringing in a win for the Spartans comes down to basics, just stick to the plan. “Try to stick to your gameplan and take things as they come and try to make adjustments.” said Hayashi.

Bainbridge has another interstate match-up with Colorado’s own, the Columbine Rebels on Monday night before they return to their conference schedule against Eastside Catholic (1-1) on March 27 at Bainbridge High School.

Story by Michael Thornbloom