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Northwest Invitational - 2019 Recap

Mercer Island hosted it’s 14th annual Northwest Invitational this past weekend, with returning British Columbia, Nevada and Oregon teams coming to join the fun, and the new Menlo School Knights from Atherton, California getting to experience the competition for the first time this year.

Mercer Island head coach Ian O’Hearn has been putting this event together for over a decade, and the participating teams can’t get enough of the great competition it brings. “This is the best tournament event of the year, we look forward to it every season.” said Coronado Cougars head coach Jason Griggs.

“Ian [O’Hearn] does a great job bringing in the best teams and I think you just get to play four really hard tough games throughout the weekend and I look forward to this every year. You can tell where your team is at mid-season with this tournament.”

For every team involved it is the midway point of their season and this tournament helps these boys hone in on their abilities and discover what they need to work on. With every participating team looking for a state championship in their respective states, this invitational becomes an important mark on their calendar as they try to bring as many boys to the show as possible. For Griggs, having as many players as he can helps him discover his depth and test their stamina as they play two to three games over the course of two days.

The Lakeridge Pacers from Lake Oswego, Oregon enjoyed a victory in their first match-up to kick off the event. Head coach Curt Sheinin was proud of his boys as they had just come off spring break and this event helped them shake off some of that rust. “We just love it up here, Ian O’Hearn is a great host and always has great competition.” said Sheinin. “Basically we want to look at some of our younger players, we have a load of freshman on this varsity team and this is their opportunity to show what they can do.”

Many coaches share this sentiment as they clashed against familiar and new teams alike in this year’s Northwest Invitational. Here are your results over the weekend as the competition was heavy and the excitement was high.

Friday 3/29/19

Coronado (NV) 5 vs Lakeridge (OR) 8

Centennial (NV) 8 vs Nanaimo (BC) 13

Claremont (BC) 5 vs Bellevue 6

Palo Verde (NV) 10 vs Lincoln (OR) 5

Menlo (CA) 6 vs Mercer Island 14

Saturday 3/30/19

Coronado (NV) 11 vs Juanita 6

Nanaimo (BC) 10 vs Bainbridge 7

Palo Verde (NV) 4 vs Claremont (BC) 18

Grant (OR) 6 vs Eastlake 5

Lincoln (OR) 9 vs Skyline 10

Coronado (NV) 10 vs Woodinville 9

Menlo (CA) 9 vs Seattle Prep 5

Palo Verde (NV) 12 vs Nanaimo (BC) 4

Claremont (BC) 9 vs Mercer Island 8 OT

Centennial (NV) 11 vs Bothell 13

Sunday 3/31/19

Coronado (NV) 7 vs Skyline 4

Palo Verde (NV) 6 vs Lakeridge (OR) 13

Claremont (BC) 16 vs Juanita 4

Nanaimo (BC) 4 vs Grant (OR) 8

Centennial (NV) 11 vs Bainbridge 9

Lincoln (OR) 10 vs Seattle Prep 17

Story by Michael Thornbloom