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Eastside Catholic vs. O'Dea - Game Recap

First Quarter: The game started with a beautiful midair interception into a fastbreak towards the goal for a dead-eye shot into the cage by Crusaders sophomore attackman Eric Prologo. This would be the first of Prologo’s eight goals for the night as they moved onto a dominating victory over their longtime rival, the O’Dea Fighting Irish. O’Dea spent the entire quarter trying to keep pace with the Eastside Catholic offense. They were only able to score one point for every two points the Crusaders scored as they ran through the first quarter in a frustrating 6-2 bout. The Fighting Irish defense took a swift beating in the first quarter failing to plug holes and force turnovers.

Second Quarter: The second quarter didn’t get any easier for O’Dea as Eastside Catholic continued to play the possession game. The Crusaders spent a majority of the quarter keeping the ball hot around their opponent’s cage and striking on every opportunity. O’Dea barely managed two goals out of this quarter with a last second desperation shot to end the half with a nightmare deficit of 10-4. Meanwhile, Prologo is on his fourth goal of the game scoring the last two of the quarter on his best night in Varsity Lacrosse.

Third Quarter: This half came with a new feeling as O’Dea turned on the afterburners and pressed all their energy into an offensive flurry of shots. The plan almost looked like it would help when sophomore midfielder Dylan Vita scored a goal after 90 seconds. Prologo was happy to answer back completing his third goal in a row. O’Dea did not abandon their plan while junior attackman Sam Dracobly (4 goals, 1 assist) began to show enormous hustle for his team. He was using some great footwork and mobility to get around defenders and place himself into scoring positions. Eastside Catholic continued their groove scoring five more goals and tightening their lead against their conference rivals.

Fourth Quarter: This quarter was a shootout with over 40% of the total goals being scored in the final 12 minutes. It began with the Crusaders subbing out their junior goalie Jeff Walton for freshman goalie Joel Anderson. O’Dea was able to create scoring opportunities this quarter against a rookie goalie and a relaxed defense on a large lead. The Fighting Irish showed more offensively in this quarter than they did the whole game nearly doubling their score in 12 minutes. This also marks the first time they have scored over 10 points against their rivals. The Crusaders pushed through this plan and picked apart their defense as senior attackman Ryan Grazco and Prologo score five out of the ten points in the final quarter. Eastside Catholic has a scary front six this year with five players scoring three or more points this game. Prologo having a great start to his sophomore year did especially well in their season opener logging in two thirds of his 2016 total points in one game. Eastside Catholic finished the game unafraid, making them the first team to beat the Fighting Irish by over 20 points since they were added to the league in 2013.

Story by Michael Thornbloom.